Dr. Kathy McDermott   Clinical Psychologist

Virtual Therapy
For Living Well

I provide therapy and assessment for individuals, from young adults through to the senior years.
Some of the problems that I have treated include:

I conduct all my sessions via video on doxy.me or by phone.

You do not need to download any app to participate in video meetings; all you need is a SmartPhone, laptop/ notebook, tablet or personal computer and an email address for contact purposes.

For new and prospective clients I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to help you decide whether my services are right for you.

Regardless of your treatment decisions, there is one action you can do right now to improve your circumstances.

Be kind to yourself

Treat yourself like you would a good friend - with comfort, kindness and forgiveness. From this vantage point, healing and change are possible.

If you have any unanswered questions. feel free to email me at: dr.kathymcd@gmail.com.